Entering a whole new world: Blogs

Hello Everyone!

I am new to this blog world, so forgive me as I learn how to manage the blog.

My blog will be all about DIY crafts, parties, decorations, cooking. If you can do it yourself- I am going to try and I will post anything that I think turns out remotely well. Feel free to leave any comments or suggestions for each project or for my blog!

I love to try anything at least once and my blog is all about my experiences trying everything I can get my hands on. I truly think everything and anything means more if it comes from home or is homemade. I am so-to-speak partial to home.


Coming Soon!

Thank you everyone who has been visiting this blog or anyone who is just joining in! I love to DIY- I feel accomplished when I can say I made that all by myself!

My focus lately has been on losing weight and trying to make healthy eating habits. You will occassional see me post up a recipe for healthier alternatives (once it has been kid tested and approved). I am happy to say that this last weekend I cleaned out my craft room again (removed all the laundry and the piles of stuff on the tables). I am fully motivated to take on some of my hanging projects. For the remainder of February and March I will be focusing on painting. Most of these projects will be fun and easy and a great way to redecorate your house with a small budget.

Here is what I have coming up:

Decorations: 3 Painting Collage (made by the kids), 2 Painting Owl Collage (made by me and DH)

Scrapbooking: 1-2 pages of wedding pages (would you be interested in me posting the layouts?)

Crafts: Cardboard Kitchen (fix up the oven door and post pictures!)

If there is a craft, idea, or suggestion you have, please leave a comment and I would love to give it a try!