Planning the savings-extravaganza

I have dreams one day my family will be able to go on a real family vacation. We camp at least once every year and I call that our family vacation but one of these days I would love to go on a real vacation, go to special attractions and stay in a hotel in another state.

I am subscribed to another fellow mom who managed to save 40K in one year in order to get her dream house without taking out a mortgage. I figure if she can save 40K, I should be able to save 10K, right? $5.000 to finish up the savings for the van we need and $5,000 for a vacation (hopefully we wouldn’t spend it all).

This suber money crunching will start officially in November since we are already in the mdidle of October and I keep track of our finances on a monthly basis. I know this will be a little difficult with Christmas just around the corner but I have been buying stocking stuffers the last couple months when I find neat things for $1 or on clearance.

New Monthly Budget (4 weeks in a month- if there are 5 paychecks it’s consider a bonus savings)

Incoming Money $ 2,500.00

                                     – 120.00 Childrens College Savings (automatically transferred)

                                     – 200.00 Daycare (I know this not a typical)

                                     – 130.00 Healthcare expenses

                                     – 200.00 Gas

                                     – 200.00 Food

                                       – 70.00 Car Insurance

                                      -150.00 Utilities

                                     – 550.00 Rent

                                       – 40.00 Cell Phone

                                       – 35.00 Gym Membership

Total savings around $800.00 a month

I will need to make a bigger crunch then $800 a month in order to save $10,000, so I will be testing out where I can save that extra $35 a month. Now this is all theoretic of course because I do impulsive shop a lot and have a habit of going out to eat instead of cooking at home, especially before/after soccer. Each month I will keep a tally of ALL my expenses and maybe the shame of having to put what I spent my money on will help me save it. I hope this will  help me and help anyone else realize you can save money too!


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