Mad Science Birthday Party

I am so very excited to be working on a mad science birthday party this time around… super heroes were getting a little redundant (although it was nice to reuse supplies). We have not had the party yet and we are still in the planning process but I will try to update this as much as possible so I can share everything – including pictures with the parents.

Mad Science Birthday Invitation

Mad Science Birthday Invitations


I made birthday invitations using Word and borrowed pictures from Google. A necessity for the invitation was green slime, beakers, and a little mad scientist. I happened to find a graphic that reminded me of my son Cameron – red hair and blue glasses. I spent my lunch break messing around with the limitations of Word and found that when I went to print the picture or save it as a PDF, everything would move out of place. I’m hoping to figure out a better solution so I can post the template for others to use – but in the mean time I took a screen shot of invitation, using Snipping Tool, and saved it as a jpg. Voila! I now have an icon for our Facebook invites and a copy to print for the school friends.

Here is a word link if you would like to create your own Mad Science Birthday Invitation


Mad Science Slime Monster Birthday Cake

Cake: We made a green slime monster birthday cake with eyeballs and worms sticking out. It was a relatively easy and fun cake to make. I used half a ball cake pan for the top, and then 2 round pans –  9″ & 7″. Trimmed the sides to make it the layers more flush and added fondant (not necessary at all with this cake but I had leftover green fondant from the ninja turtle cake anyways). Spray the cake with butter flavored pam for a shiny effect Added gummy body parts and worms with toothpicks. Everyone loved being able to pick which body part they wanted.

Mad Scientists: Each child got a lab coat, name tag, goggles, and gloves


Mad Science Birthday Lab Coats

Lab coat: We bought men’s plain t-shirts (Hanes) and drew a lab coat in front – collar, buttons, and pockets. I added labels with a logo and Cameron’s Mad Labs where an embroidered company logo would normally be. These were quite helpful considering some of the experiments got messy and instead of the kids coloring their clothes they got these dirty.

Here is a link to the word document for the “company logo” LAB COAT TAG


Mad Science Birthday Name Tags

Name Tags: The name tags were the first part of the event. The kids were to write their name on the top and then create their monster picture in the orange box. I found these awesome little create-a-monster books with about 4 pages of stickers with different monster body parts.

Instead of putting some generic picture of a barcode I decided to make a QR code that linked the parents to this site, where I will eventually have pictures of the event. 🙂 You can create your own QR code or barcode at at no cost and just copy the image for your invitations or name tags.

Here is the link to the word document to make your own name tags NAME TAGS

Just print on cardstock and cut out. I used a single hole punch on the top to thread with ribbon.


Mad Science Birthday Goggles & Gloves

Goggles and Gloves: You can order both of these online (like Amazon) or purchase at the dollar store. I found it easier to have most of the items delivered to my house even if it ended up costing a little more.

Link to kids colored safety glasses –

Link to blue disposable gloves – Games /Activities/


Please see link for the complete list of experiments with detailed instructions SCIENCE EXPERIMENTS

1) Edible DNA Structures


Mad Science Birthday Food DNA Structures


Mad Science Birthday Edible DNA Structures

I had a mix of edible items (cheese balls, marshmallows, gummy bears) to be built with toothpicks. The boys were competing to make the tallest standing structure. I think they had more fun eating it afterwards 🙂

2) Lava Water Bottles


Mad Science Birthday Lava Lamps

These were just water bottles with oil and water. The boys got to color the water by adding dye color of their choice. Place pieces of alka seltzer in the bottle to get the oil flowing. Note: The kids went kind of crazy with putting dye in the bottles and they got really dark in color – I would encourage only a few drops

3) Sand Volcanoes


Mad Science Birthday Lava Exploding Sand Volcanoes


Mad Science Birthday Building Sand Volcanoes

We gave the boys play sand (under $5 for a bag at Home Depot) and empty little water bottles. Each child was to make a volcano by covering the water bottle with sand. They poured baking soda and then vinegar in to see the lava flow. Add color to make it way cooler! The boys wanted to do this over and over and over again that we ran out of time for the other experiments.

4) Dissolving Dinosaur Eggs, 5) Bouncy Goo Balls, 6) Elephant Toothpaste, 7) Diet Soda and Mentos

*did not get time to do these at the party but will post pictures when we do it at home

Goodie Bags:


Mad Science Birthday Goodie Bags

Brown lunch bags, decorated with a hazard sticker on one side and a thank you for coming sticker on the other side.

The boys wrote their names on the bags right away and as we went through the experiments they got to add goodies to the bag. Initially each bag started with directions for all the experiments, magnifying glasses, eyeball bubbles, body part gummies. They added the monster sticker books, sandwich bags with any extra DNA snacks, lava lamps, and growing insects (they grow x3 their size in water – or at the dollar store).

See link for printing stickers with Avery labels




The party went great and 2 hours just wasn’t long enough for all the fun we had planned. I made a schedule to keep track of which experiments we were to do and a list of what I need to buy. Below are links to the word document.




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