Halloween Jar Lanterns


Halloween Painted Scratched Off Jack-o-Lanterns

We made jar lanterns 2 different ways

1) Paint entire jar and draw faces or designs with sharpies. Use a flameless candle underneath.

2) Paint entire jar and scratch off faces or designs. Use a flameless candle underneath.

The 1st way looks the best but if you would like to include your children in this activity I would stick with just painting the faces. We also used googly eyes or stickers.


Halloween Painted Lanterns


Window Monster Shadows

I just started making these last night and will post pictures tomorrow!

These are so simple to make yourself and a fun way to decorate your house for Halloween.

What you need:

  • Black Posterboard/Construction Board
  • Tissue Paper
  • Chalk
  • Scissors
  • Tape


Step 1: Measure

Measure the width of your window pane. Mark with chalk on the bottom the width you will need for your monster on the posterboard.

Step 2: Draw

Draw your monster with the chalk within this width constraint. I would recommend making the monster as large as possible.

Step 3: Cut

Cut out the monster silhouette, eyes, and mouth if drawn.

Step 4: Accent

Tape tissue paper to any openings on the monster. Example, Eyes and Mouth. To add depth, use (2) colors of tissue paper for the eyes. Place one color on top of the other.

Step 5: Tape

Tape monster in window pane with chalk showing on the inside of the house.

Depending on the lighting you have inside of your house, you may or may not need additional lights near the window to help show the monsters. I added some white Christmas lights under the curtain rod (behind the curtains). This way I can have my curtains closed but the monsters are still lit up.

Alternative: If you have some sharp scissors, make the monsters out of cloth. Use an old sheet or buy one from goodwill. You could pick black, color, or a fun pattern. This will allow you to store the monsters easier and be more durable for reuse year after year.

Ornaments: Christmas Tree & Cross Clay Dough

This week I will be working on a tutorial for DIY Christmas ornaments made of white clay dough. I decided on just Christmas trees and maybe crosses with the white clay and will try my hand at snowman heads (so cute!) next week. This will probably take a few days since I do not have enough time in one night to accomplish this (after work, gym, dinner, and homework).

Last weekend I visited a craft/gift store and they had some beautiful ornaments. I took some pictures of the more simplistic ones that I believe I can recreate. I also got an idea for some Christmas tree ornaments using the kids finger prints as ornaments from the Mothering website. Here are the idea pictures:

White Clay Dough:

  • 4 Cups Flour
  • 1 Cup Salt
  • 1 1/2 Cups Hot Water
  • Paste Food Coloring

In a large bowl mix flour and salt until well blended. Add a 1/2 cup of water at a time until smooth (few minutes ea 1/2 cup). Make dough into a ball and work in any leftover flour and salt in the bowl. Knead dough for about 5 minutes and knead in coloring if desired after.

Preheat oven to 250 degrees. Flatten dough with a rolling pin until there is a consistant thickness (like when making cookies). Use cookie cutters or knife to make the shape of a tree. If desired use extra pieces to cut small circles for ornaments. Attach ornaments to tree and use straw or knife to cut out a small circle near the top of the tree. (don’t forget this step as you cannot make a hole after it’s in the oven!). Ball together the remaining pieces of dough and repeat steps to use up dough. Place completed trees on cookie sheet and cover with foil. Bake until hard (about 5 minutes).

Wait until completely cooled before painting.

*Fun alternatives: Split up the dough and make several colors. Add glitter to the dough to make it more festive. Use Koolaid as a dye and fragrance.

I will add the next step for decorating after I do this tonight. I like to let it cool overnight and work on the decorating the next day. Makes for less pressure 🙂

Halloween Party

My family loves Halloween, almost as much as Christmas. We love decorating for it and we love love dressing up. One bummer about Halloween is that it almost always lands on a weekday. This year is no different (it is on Monday) but we like to celebrate it anyhow. So instead of a party persay we will throw a little get-together with friends.

For decorations every year I attempt to draw a bat on cardstock and the kids color them and then we tape them all over the living room wall. The bats usually end up being multi-colored but it’s fun to see the bats all over the wall. This year instead of carving a pumpkin we painted pumpkins (the little ones for only $1 ea). We also made pumpkin lanterns, by painting cleaned glass jars and drawing faces on them. Since most of my windows are covered we used the Halloween window decorations on the bathroom mirror. To greet our guests we have a ghost on the front door and glowing ghost jugs (milk jugs cleaned with faces drawn on and clear/white christmas lights inserted in the back of each jug) on the front step.

When we invite people over I usually make a simple dinner and have lots of snacks. When most of the group arrives we go trick-or-treating and come back to snack on real food. The kids are usually a little too ancy to eat a real meal so that’s when the snacks come in handy. Just make sure they are relatively healthy and not just chips and desserts (they will have enough sweets with the candy). During snack time I have a little craft (sometimes just Halloween coloring pages) for the kids out and a Halloween movie playing in the background.

This year I got a super good deal on frozen pizzas (even though I had planned on just making my own). Digiornio pizzas at Walgreens ended up only being $3.50 each (2/$10 plus manufacturer coupon plus walgreens coupon) and at Copps on Saturday Tombstone pizzas will end up being about $1.50 each (sat sale price plus double coupon day). A total of $10 for (4) pizzas.

For snacks we will have a platter of body parts; salty bones (cresent rolls cut into thin strips and the ends curled to look like a bone) with blood (marinara sauce), carrot fingers (carrot sticks, with almonds in ends to look like finger nails), eye balls (peeled grapes with raisins in the middle- can freeze). A pumpkin cheese ball (made with cream cheese package and flavored cream cheese or dry ranch dip- rolled in shredded cheddar) shaped to look like a pumpkin, a piece of celery stalk sticking out at the top for the stem and pepperoni to make a jack-o-lantern face. I will use verggies to dip in the cheese and probably a box of crackers. Mini Mummies (hotdogs cut in half with crescent roll strips around to look like a mummy). Since it will be a work night and I will only have Sunday to prep and an hour before guests arrive on Monday, I decided that should be enough snacks.

Are you making any special Halloween treats? Did you make any Halloween decorations this year?