Mad Science Birthday Party

I am so very excited to be working on a mad science birthday party this time around… super heroes were getting a little redundant (although it was nice to reuse supplies). We have not had the party yet and we are still in the planning process but I will try to update this as much as possible so I can share everything – including pictures with the parents.

Mad Science Birthday Invitation

Mad Science Birthday Invitations


I made birthday invitations using Word and borrowed pictures from Google. A necessity for the invitation was green slime, beakers, and a little mad scientist. I happened to find a graphic that reminded me of my son Cameron – red hair and blue glasses. I spent my lunch break messing around with the limitations of Word and found that when I went to print the picture or save it as a PDF, everything would move out of place. I’m hoping to figure out a better solution so I can post the template for others to use – but in the mean time I took a screen shot of invitation, using Snipping Tool, and saved it as a jpg. Voila! I now have an icon for our Facebook invites and a copy to print for the school friends.

Here is a word link if you would like to create your own Mad Science Birthday Invitation


Mad Science Slime Monster Birthday Cake

Cake: We made a green slime monster birthday cake with eyeballs and worms sticking out. It was a relatively easy and fun cake to make. I used half a ball cake pan for the top, and then 2 round pans –  9″ & 7″. Trimmed the sides to make it the layers more flush and added fondant (not necessary at all with this cake but I had leftover green fondant from the ninja turtle cake anyways). Spray the cake with butter flavored pam for a shiny effect Added gummy body parts and worms with toothpicks. Everyone loved being able to pick which body part they wanted.

Mad Scientists: Each child got a lab coat, name tag, goggles, and gloves


Mad Science Birthday Lab Coats

Lab coat: We bought men’s plain t-shirts (Hanes) and drew a lab coat in front – collar, buttons, and pockets. I added labels with a logo and Cameron’s Mad Labs where an embroidered company logo would normally be. These were quite helpful considering some of the experiments got messy and instead of the kids coloring their clothes they got these dirty.

Here is a link to the word document for the “company logo” LAB COAT TAG


Mad Science Birthday Name Tags

Name Tags: The name tags were the first part of the event. The kids were to write their name on the top and then create their monster picture in the orange box. I found these awesome little create-a-monster books with about 4 pages of stickers with different monster body parts.

Instead of putting some generic picture of a barcode I decided to make a QR code that linked the parents to this site, where I will eventually have pictures of the event. 🙂 You can create your own QR code or barcode at at no cost and just copy the image for your invitations or name tags.

Here is the link to the word document to make your own name tags NAME TAGS

Just print on cardstock and cut out. I used a single hole punch on the top to thread with ribbon.


Mad Science Birthday Goggles & Gloves

Goggles and Gloves: You can order both of these online (like Amazon) or purchase at the dollar store. I found it easier to have most of the items delivered to my house even if it ended up costing a little more.

Link to kids colored safety glasses –

Link to blue disposable gloves – Games /Activities/


Please see link for the complete list of experiments with detailed instructions SCIENCE EXPERIMENTS

1) Edible DNA Structures


Mad Science Birthday Food DNA Structures


Mad Science Birthday Edible DNA Structures

I had a mix of edible items (cheese balls, marshmallows, gummy bears) to be built with toothpicks. The boys were competing to make the tallest standing structure. I think they had more fun eating it afterwards 🙂

2) Lava Water Bottles


Mad Science Birthday Lava Lamps

These were just water bottles with oil and water. The boys got to color the water by adding dye color of their choice. Place pieces of alka seltzer in the bottle to get the oil flowing. Note: The kids went kind of crazy with putting dye in the bottles and they got really dark in color – I would encourage only a few drops

3) Sand Volcanoes


Mad Science Birthday Lava Exploding Sand Volcanoes


Mad Science Birthday Building Sand Volcanoes

We gave the boys play sand (under $5 for a bag at Home Depot) and empty little water bottles. Each child was to make a volcano by covering the water bottle with sand. They poured baking soda and then vinegar in to see the lava flow. Add color to make it way cooler! The boys wanted to do this over and over and over again that we ran out of time for the other experiments.

4) Dissolving Dinosaur Eggs, 5) Bouncy Goo Balls, 6) Elephant Toothpaste, 7) Diet Soda and Mentos

*did not get time to do these at the party but will post pictures when we do it at home

Goodie Bags:


Mad Science Birthday Goodie Bags

Brown lunch bags, decorated with a hazard sticker on one side and a thank you for coming sticker on the other side.

The boys wrote their names on the bags right away and as we went through the experiments they got to add goodies to the bag. Initially each bag started with directions for all the experiments, magnifying glasses, eyeball bubbles, body part gummies. They added the monster sticker books, sandwich bags with any extra DNA snacks, lava lamps, and growing insects (they grow x3 their size in water – or at the dollar store).

See link for printing stickers with Avery labels




The party went great and 2 hours just wasn’t long enough for all the fun we had planned. I made a schedule to keep track of which experiments we were to do and a list of what I need to buy. Below are links to the word document.




Star Wars Birthday Party

**Not completely finished. I will be adding a post with templates so you can make your own Star Wars birthday party**

My son officially decided on a Star Wars birthday party back in May (his birthday is in September) and we have been slowly planning the details since then. I don’t do a big birthday party every year so I thought it was a good time and age to do so.

Atfer he decided on a theme, I googled “Star Wars birthday party” to get some ideas and boy are there a lot out there! We decided that we would throw a Star Wars Jedi Training Camp Birthday Party. It looked like so much fun and such a cute idea! My favorite blogs about some other parties are on the links below. I took parts from each of the blogs and also incorporated some of my own.

Guest List

To start out with birthday party plans, we made a list of who was invited. I read a thumb rule and I will second it “Invite as many children as the age of your child”. So going on the thumb rule- my son was turning 6 so he should have 6 friends over. This includes other family members children and such.  For the birthday party we invited family with children, a few friends from school, and a few friends of mine with children. With my children that made 9 but I figured since 3 of them were my own it should be fine.


I’m a scrapbooker, sometimes card maker- so there was no way I was going to buy some premade Star Wars cards when I could make a much cooler one at home. All you need is Microsfot Word, some graphics, and a printer with card stock.

I took various ideas from an image google search “star wars birthday invitations”. The invitation is 5 x 7 so you may have to get special envelopes. I just handed them out and mailed them in the 7×9 brown envelopes I had at the office. If I didn’t have envelopes that already fit, I would have just made some because there were not that many invitations going out.  Below is a link on how to make an envelope from an 8×11 piece of paper to fit a 5×7 card. I will have a post with attachments to customize yourself and print. It prints out on 8 x 11 paper with 2 invitations on each sheet.








 AND END AT                4:30 PM







 Party Favors/Prizes

Jedi Robes:

I sewed together 9 robes- (4) toddler size and (5) child size. I would not recommend making different sizes. We had children 2 and under so I thought we would need a smaller size, but the toddlers ended up not wanting to wear the robes anyways.

I bought the cheapest material at JoAnns that was on sale plus a coupon (good for sale items) made the fabric to be about $1.50/yd. Each child needed about 8 ft (or about 3 yards) of fabric so I ended up buying a whole bolt. If you cannot get enough brown fabric a great alternative is to buy black and white material. Black for kids who want to be on the dark side and white for any girls that may be coming.

I used my 2 year old and 6 year old for a templates on size. Measure from bottom of foot up to shoulder for the height of robe (the material is folded in half so when you cut it make sure it is twice as long as your child is). Measure the length of the child’s finger tip on left hand to finger tip on right hand. For my 6 year old, it ended up being close enough to the width of the cloth anyways, so I did not make an additional cut and left them with a little longer sleeves.

I cut out 8 feet of cloth, folded it in half. I had my son lay down on the cloth and traced (use chalk to trace it comes off easily) under the arms and out by the legs (it will look like a doll dress). I pinned the folded cloth together as straight as possible (this helps it from moving when you cut the shape out) and cut along the traced lines. After the shape is cut pin together where the edges meet so it will stay together when you sew.

Sew the folded cloth together leaving an arm hole and leg area. Trace a straight line down the middle of one side and cut just one side. This will make it a “robe” instead of a dress 🙂 I used a bowl to trace a rounded area on top for the head.

Once you are done with the robe you can decide whether or not a hood is worth the trouble. I found them to be the most difficult part of the robe. Cut out 12″ x 24″ of cloth of the same material you used for the robe. Fold the cloth in half (this should create a square). Pin along one open side of the cloth and sew. The hardest part is attaching the hood to the robe. Turn the hood inside out so the seam is in the inside. Line up the edge of the hood with the top of the robe- pin together. I started at the ends first and made my way to the back. If the the hood or the robe has “extra material” fold it up slightly to create a pleat (but do this in the back). I created usually 2-4 pleats on each robe because the length of both never really matched up and I think it turned out well. Make sure to use a lot of pins to keep the hood and robe together when you sew.

These robes are simplistic but they do take some time so try doing this well over a month out. Also do a test out a couple robes until you get one that works. Once you have a robe that is the size you are looking for use that as a template and make a batch of them at once. What I mean by that is cut the fabric out at that size for all of them, then pin them all up, then sew them all up, then sew the hood on. It seemed more time consuming if I only worked on one at a time.

I will eventually make a post with this tutorial and pictures but until then you can see the post below where I got the idea if you need a visual. 

Light Sabers:

I purchased lighted swords from a company called ExtremeGlow. See below for a link to their website. The light sabers were about $1.25 each when I bought them because they used to offer a discount for the more you bought. They are now $1.50 no matter the quantity. I would recommend buying 1.5 times # of kids, so with 9 kids I should have 14. Some are going to break with use by the kids. I bought mostly blue and green and a few red. That ended up being a mistake because a lot of kids wanted red. I would say buy equal parts of whatever colors you get. See references in the games section below for other Light Saber ideas. My favorite is the link for a balloon light saber.

*Note ExtremeGlow also offers glow bracelets at the cheapest price I’ve seen. $8.00 for a pack of 50 various colors. I bought some and forgot about them during the party. I’m sure they would have been a hit since I loved these as a kid.

Flashing Bouncy Balls:

I purchased these from Oriental Trading. Be sure to test out all the balls before the party, I had 3 duds in my box and oriental trading sent me a replacement box. There were duds in that box too but I had enough for everyone. I found a coupon online (and you can usually find some kind of coupon) for free shipping with a purchase of $35 or more.

Flying Discs: 

I purchases these from Oriental Trading also.

Monster Pop Ups:

I can’t find them on Oriental Trading anymore… so they might be discontinued. Just do a search for “monster pop-ups” on their website to see if they came back. My kids liked them and they looked like space monsters.

Temp Tattoos:

I bought some star wars themed tattoos on ebay from the seller below. Just search “star wars tattoos”. They are the cheapest on ebay then anywhere else by far. For $2.50 you get 12 tattoos, no shipping costs since it’s mailed in an envelope. I ordered 2 lots so I received 24 for $5.00 

Silly Banz:

I bought these at Walgreens at 2 for $1.00. I searched through the bins and found space ones. Kids love silly banz. I didn’t give each kid his own package but split them up and put some into little sandwich bags along with the tattoos and stickers.

Cupcake ring toppers: Star Wars Molded Party Rings

I bought these at a local bakery supply store called “Vanilla Bean” but you can also buy them on amazon or ebay. They were only .25 a piece and the store had a big assortment of them. These were a great cheap idea. The boys also had a blast going through all the cake/cupcake toppers at the store while I was getting the cake supplies.


I bought these on ebay from the seller below. They are located in Hong Kong so it takes about 2 weeks for delivery. In this shop just search “star wars keychains”. I got the keychains for $1 and shipping was $8. They are so cute and it came with 8 different guys.

Gift Bags:

I bought some on Oriental Trading and you really can’t beat this price!  $4.50 for 50 bags that were the perfect size. I bought black ones and made little customized stickers to put on the bag. Check out the attachment post for a template to make your own customized stickers!  I used Avery mailing labels (you can buy Staples brand too) #5163. They print so easily and looked great!



Since my son’s birthday is in the fall the weather is completely unpredicable. I decided to make (2) game plans, one if we could go outside and one if we couldn’t. Outdoors is always the best when it comes to a group of boys, at least I think so 🙂


2:00-2:30 Wait for guests to arrive. Color name badges/trial cards and watch an episode of Clone Wars

2:30-3:30 Trials – Obstacle course, asteroid hunt, light saber training, defeat Darth Vader, and of course just running around and having fun

alternative for indoors – pin the light saber on the jedi, jedi bingo, destroy the death star, light saber training, defeat Darth Vader

3:30-4:00 Cake & ice cream, and open presents

4:00-4:30 Down time, kids playing with star wars toys and another episode of Clone Wars playing in the background. Star Wars coloring pages provided.

Game Descriptions

Obstacle Course: Crawl through tunnel, step through tires, walk on balance beam (2×4), hoola hoop, jump rope, slide down slide into pool of balls.

Notes: You can come up with practically anything for an obstacle course. Some good advice was come up with an action and then what they would use for it. Example; jump, walk, run, skip, crawl, etc. I already had a tunnel and didn’t end up finding tires, I used an old 2×6 board as the balance beam, and bought some hoola hoops and jumpings ropes on clearance. The kids went through the obstacle course super fast and if it hadn’t started to sprinkle I would have let them keep playing outside and playing with the different parts.

Asteroid Hunt: Toys/prizes wrapped in aluminum foil. You can either spread them out throughout the yard or come up with a scavenger hunt with clues as to where to find the asteroids.

Notes: I ended up just scattering them everywhere. I thought we could do this after the obstacle course but as soon as the kids saw the asteroids on the ground they starting pick them up. I think it would be best as the first game or to hide them and have them hunt for them.

Light Saber Training: Forms/Positions of holding light saber, Popping bubbles, keep balloons in the air.

Notes: I forgot everything I was going to do with the light saber training except for the balloon one. I would recommend writing a schedule down so you can remember and lay everything out ahead of time 🙂 I used small little water balloons because they were on clearance. Not really a good idea because they were too small to try to keep up in the air. I would recommend using the normal size birthday balloons and make sure you blow up enough for one for each child, plus some. They pop.

Defeat Darth Vader: Option 1 Kids line up with blow up light sabers and defeat a family member dressed as darth vader Option 2 Print picture of darth vader and tape to sockem boppem.

Notes: I got so excited about finding cheap light sabers that actually light up that I went that route. After receiving them I wish I would have realized kids want to hit things/people as hard as they can with swords! I bought extra and it was a good thing because quite a few broke. A better route would be to buy these inflatable light sabers from ebay (or search on ebay “inflatable swords”, they come in a lot of 12 at only $10.99, that’s less then a $1 a piece) or making these balloon light sabers We had a friend dress up as darth vader and come in at the end but they fought a blow up boppem sockem because I didn’t want anyone to get hurt. It was a good thing because boy did they hit that Darth Vader hard.

Pin the Light Saber on the Jedi: Kids try to put mini sticky light sabers on a jedi.

Notes: I made a poster with a picture I googled online and printed it on 11×13 paper (my work’s printer) and made the light sabers out of post it page markers (in neon colors). I coloring the bottom part of the page marker black and cut it in half to make two. I rounded the top a little bit just to make them look nicer.

Jedi Bingo: Bingo with star wars characters

Notes: I made this in excel (since they already have boxes) but you could also make in a word table. I collected pictures off a google search for different characters. I decided to go with lego star wars since my son is crazy about the lego figures right now. It would be cute to make little light sabers to put on the space when used but I just bought little plastic coins at the dollar store. We didn’t end up playing but I think it would have turned out really well.

Destroy the Death Star: Toss bean bags on a bean bag toss game with picture of the death star taped on.

Notes: This looked really nice and the whole was where you could get it destroyed. I just ended up throwing it outside as part of the obstacle course but this would work great inside too.

Other ideas: Musical chairs with masks, run around cones (or obstacle course) with yoda on back,


My son wanted a chocolae cake with blue frosting. That was as specific as he got. So I googled some ideas and decided to make a 2 layer boxed chocolate cake. I baked the cake on Thursday, leveled it as soon as I got it out of the oven, cooled it over night and in the morning placed a towel over each layer so they wouldn’t dry out. On Friday evening I made the frosting and frosted the cake. I let that dry and decorated the cake on Saturday morning but you could also do that on Friday night.

I made buttercream frosting and used blue gel coloring. See this blog for directions on how to make a smooth cake without fondant and just frosting! My cake didn’t end up being as smooth as that blog but after decorating you couldn’t tell.

I made white candy stars to place all over the cake with some candy chips at the bakery store and a plastic mold. They ended up being so easy! Just melt, pour into the mold, and freeze for a few minutes. I bought (2) molds so while one was freezing I could pour more in the otherand just kept alternating. A small bag of chips is all you need and I ended up with a lot extra stars. Remember to tap the bottom of the mold a few times to get all the bubble to come up before freezing. I made these the weekend before the party.

To put the star wars logo on the top of the cake I printed out a Star Wars logo on card stock in a fairly large size (the bigger the better) and using an exacto knife cut out the letters (you could even cut out the little box around it too if you wanted to). After the cake frosting has dried put the template very softy (do not push) on the cake and pipe frosting in the cut out letters. Carefully pull up. Mine didn’t look perfect but it said star wars and my son loved it! See this blog for a better description on writing Star Wars on a cake 

To decorate the rest of the cake I bought Star Wars lego figures from amazon (for a very specific request of Obi Wan Kenobi) and bought  (2) cheap $10 lego sets with all the storm/clone troopers. I cleaned them before hand and lined the guys up on the bottom except for one trooper and Obi Wan, which I placed on the top.  

I bought little white chocolate balls/sixlets to decorate the bottom of the cake. I placed about (4) between each lego guy. We didn’t have a local candy store that sold them but I found them on with free prime shipping. $7.62 Again more than enough so I hope I have to decorate another cake some time.

Here is a gallery of pictures of cakes I got ideas from