The busy life of a mom

The life led by moms now (and I’m sure then too) can lead to quite a crazy, hectic, and busy life. I have recently discovered I cannot do it all! This has become quite a harsh reality for me, and quite hard for me to accept.

I want my children to have all the opportunities possible, but this involves me driving everywhere all the time for soccer, tball, football, swimming, library, park. And dare I try to open up the world of dance, karate, gymnastics, or piano. Currently only my oldest is in the sports but being in multiple sports is becoming quite a pain. I have no idea if I can handle all 3 boys doing it at the same time.

Now outside of my children, let’s consider what I want to do with my time outside of my full time job (which is actually taking up more like 50 hours a week and not 40). I would love to keep up on my blog, actually finish the million of art/craft/cooking projects I had planned, read the whole book for my monthly book club, workout/exercise every day, and go back to school so I can have a job I would love.

Here I am actually attempting to do all of the above (seriously!) and I am so worn, and often irritable. So obviously I have pushed myself too much and I am slowly accepting that I cannot do everything. But now how do I decide what is most important? I am at a loss, but I will let you know if I figure out how to do it all.

Oh, just an FYI there should be more recipes coming up as the discovery of my sons milk intolerance has esculated to an extremity. If all turns out good I will have creamy pasta sauces, no sugar or sugar substitute cookies, and imitation ranch dressing. All dairy free and low cal!


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