Icecream Alternatives

I recently discovered my youngest son is lactose intolerant and I haven’t quite got the hang of making milk alternative foods. We were visiting the grandparents and of course they wanted to give the boys some ice cream- as my dad was handing my youngest the ice cream cone we realized he couldn’t have it. So we had to take it away- now it seemed like we were punishing him and we had to adapt quickly. Banana cone! We put part of a banana in an ice cream cone and top it with some peanut butter. He was just as happy as the other boys.

This got me to thinking what if we mashed up the banana and froze it so it would be more like ice cream- or maybe just the fridge? I will testing this theory out with some fruits in the next couple weeks to see if I can come up with a healthy lactose alternative.

Leave a comment if you have any suggestions!


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