Spring is coming!

The sun is shining, green is starting to appear, and well the temperature is actually comfortable. Here in Wisconsin it will be in the 70s for at least the next 8 days. If you live in Wisconsin, you would know how incredibly strange that is for March. Usually our snow is just starting to melt- with the occassional snow storm still coming and in the lower 40s.

This beautiful weather has made me want to start decorating the house for spring! That means beautiful bright colors, and possibly flowers. 🙂 I live with all boys- 3 little men, and 1 big man, so flowers and girly stuff is normally a no-no. But I have decided to make it into a craft and I know the little boys will want to join in.

I’m trying to gather some ideas on how to make some beautiful fun flowers for our kitchen table. I think we will take a trip to the craft store to get some supplies and I already have some sticks, buttons, paint, beads, and craft wire. I think I will make 2 types of flowers- one with fabric/cloth and one with tights. I will let you know how it goes, since I’m still in the experimental phase.

The kids paintings should be up next week. Sorry I’m a little slow at posting everything, I just get so wrapped up in our daily activities.

What are you doing to get ready for spring? Decorating? Spring cleaning? Tell me about it!


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