Track Expenses to Budget Savings

Tracking Expenses Shared

I’m so excited to share with you the excel worksheet I am currently using to track all my expenses. I can categorize each expense so at the end of the month I can see where the majority of my money was spent. The excel worksheet also allows you to see where you are in your monthly budget (if you are spending too much and saving more than expected).

You will need Microsoft Excel 2007+ (or anything newer) and you will need to allow/enable macros. If you do not allow/enable macros the convenience buttons I have made will not work but you will still be able to use the worksheet.

When you first open the document if it is not January I would recommend changing the month on top. Then type in your monthly income (after taxes and deductions) in cell B3 or where I have “$2,500” typed. Next type in cell D3/ “$1,000” what you goal is for saving each money. The monthly budget will automatically calculate by subtracting what you would like to save from your actual income. This will be your goal- try to spend as close to this number as possible. And finally on the second page under “Estimated Monthly Expenses” type in each bill/expense you have every month and the estimated amount. As you enter in these bills over in the actual costs area you can delete it (by using the delete key on your keyboard). After putting in the starting information needed save the document on to your computer.

I would try to access this spreadsheet on a daily basis if you want to keep up with it. A lot of smartphones will allow you to use excel, which would be extremely handy for us who are on the go.

After a full month is done and you have entered in all the costs for that month. Click on the worksheet “breakdown & chart”. Next, click on the arrow “Update Table & Chart”. This is a pivot table, so when you click on update it will pull all the information automatically. Voila! A table and chart to breakdown where your money went.

To start the next month click back on the worksheet “January”, click on the blue button “clear actual costs” and change the month name and re-enter all expenses for the next month. Save!

I love Excel… maybe a little too much, so if you have any issues or questions I would be happy to help! Either contact me or leave a comment (this will help if anyone has similar questions they can see the answer below too).


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