January: Post 1

Welcome January! I was so excited to start fresh and then I realized what a crazy month this will be. I have 3 major birthdays in my family (DS #2, DH, and my dad). I’m low on energy so I will be taking the easy way out, by spending more to make less hassel for me. I am sorry to say this will not really be a big savings month- my goal has been lowered to saving $300 this month and next month $1,300= an average of $800/mo. Next month is an “Extra check” month so I know I can save that much. This month unfortunately is not and I had a lot of major expenses. Granted it’s not a necessity, I needed the pick me up to start the year off right, with a nice hair foil and cut- which came to a gross $120. My sons birthday party will be about $200 (not at home, so no worrying about cleaning, baking, or messes). DH birthday is the next weekend and he wants to go out. That will probably be another $100 and then the day after is my dad’s birthday. *big deep breath*. Sometimes you have to understand things come up and you simply cannot always save as much as you’d like, but I think the point is to keep trying and stray away from those impulsive buys as much as possible.

Monthly Income $2,500.00 Savings Goal $1,000.00 Monthly Budget $1,500.00
Cost Item     Date Category
$40.00 Game for Tony’s Birthday @ Amazon (1/1) Recreation
$39.31 Food @ Copps (1/1) Food
$23.30 Socks @ Kohls (1/1)  
$30.36 Shoes & Socks @ Walmart (1/1)  
$13.17 Food @ McDonalds (1/1) Recreation
$120.00 Hair Foil & Cut @ Hair by Jill (1/4) Recreation
$27.00 Badgercare Monthly Bill (1/4) Healthcare
$293.14 Spent of budget $1,500.00      



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