New Years Resolutions

To start the year off with tradition one must decide on a new years resolution. Honestly I think anyone should be able to name at least one thing they need to work on, would like to start, or change. Here is my list;
1) Get on the list in the gym for top users
This means at a minimum go to the gym 6 days a week. I have gained 15 pounds since June and I am most definitely not getting the most out of my membership.
2) Become more proactive with my blog 🙂
I know I have yet to make this blog into what i visualize it to be. So I will be trying to put a ton more crafts and DIY projects online.
3) Save over $ 10,000 this year.
We have decided Disney World will be on pause until the youngest is 5 but we will be going on a smaller and still well deserved vacation to the dells. With the vacation I would like to have still saved $10000 at the end of the year.
4) Learn the guitar!
You have no idea how many years in a row this has been my resolution and how many times ive tried and tried. My goal is to practice at least once a week.

If my week wasnt already crazy busy enough -add all this to my week and i have a lot going on! Whats your new years resolution(s) this year?


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