December: Post 2

What can I say, I’ve been a total slacker! December is just flying by and I have been so crazy busy! I wish I could say things will get better after the holidays but there are 3 birthdays coming up in January and 3 more in February! Oh boy does my family love being born around the same time. I get a good break of birthdays after February but it really drains me financially.

Speaking of finances, how am I doing with my budget this month you ask? Horrible, horrible, horrible!

For the good: I found a much better quote for car insurance and renters insurance with American Family (about 1/2 of what the other compnay quoted me). I scored some great steals for hats & mittens at the Childrens Place and stocked up on around $3.75 ea since I know we will lose a few pairs. I spent $2.00 out of pocket with a $3.00 register rewards (good for next purchase) at Walgreens for a total makeup steal (neutrogena mascara, revlon eyeshadow, and revlon nail polish). I found hidden the lego box I was looking to get for son #1- 1600 pieces for $30! I thought I was going to have to spend double that to get 2 sets that would equal to 1000 pieces.

Now for the bad: Subway…. I’ve gone out to eat to subway 3 times this month! I didn’t budget in a birthday present (mostly because I forgot about it until that day). I bought a christmas outfit for the upcoming work party (granted it was at Goodwill).

Monthly income $2,500, Budget $1,500  
Cost Item Date Category
$31.00 Gas (12/1) Gas
$12.26 Wings @ B3W (12/1) Recreation
$5.80 Sandwich @ Subway (12/2) Recreation
$7.92 Newspaper, Creamer, Yogurt (12/4)  
$15.92 Food @ Culvers (12/3) Recreation
$2.11 Yogurt & Salad @ McDonalds (12/5) Recreation
$5.80 Sandwich @ Subway (12/6) Recreation
$1.04 Game @ iTunes (12/6) Recreation
$40.15 Gas @ Kwik Trip (12/7) Gas
$22.60 Groceries @ Copps (12/7) Food
$16.09 Pullups for #1 @ Amazon (12/8) Toiletries
$92.72 Car & Renters Insurance @ Am Fam (12/8) Insurance
$0.58 Mac&Cheese @ Walgreens (12/8) Food
$22.11 Dinner for 4 @ Pedros (12/8) Recreation
$1.57 Mini Marshmellos @ Copps (12/9) Food
$31.64 Birthday Present @ Klein’s Floral (12/9)  
$27.00 Badgercare Insurance  (12/9) Healthcare
$2.86 Newspaper & Bananas (12/11)  
$35.00 Electric/gas bill (12/12) Utilities
$23.67 Hats & Mittens x 3 @ Children’s Place (12/12)  
$37.31 Cell phone @ Virgin Mobile (12/13) Phone
$47.36 Gas @ Kwik Trip (12/14) Gas
$12.63 Clothes @ Goodwill (12/14)  
$6.33 Sandwich @ Subway (12/14) Recreation
$27.04 Food @ Walmart for Chicken Noodle Soup (12/15) Food
$971.49 Left from $1,500 budget    

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