November: Post 5

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I’m getting a little behind on my expenses because of going out for drinks and buying some new yoga pants. But honestly I don’t feel too bad about it because I really needed some new workout clothes to feel motivated to start going back to the gym. I’ve gained 10 lbs in the last 2 months and my clothes are starting to get tight. (slightly frowny face :-/ )

I think to help make up for the difference the 45c off every gallon of gas I’ve earned from Copps will be handy at my next pump. Also I will be going grocery shopping twice this week (one to take full advantage of the super cheap turkeys and one to get some filler items) and I will be done grocery shopping for the month.

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I really need a freezer chest -my stock is starting to pile up. I bought 3 lbs of hamburger this last week, which is why my grocery expenses were a little more than normal. I also have a cut up chicken, taco stuff, froz pizzas, tortellini and a cupboard full of pasta. I ran out of my frozen chimichangas so I think I will pick up some more burrito shells to make more. We really save on groceries by eating vegetarian at least half the week and replace with beans or some other protein.

Image DetailBlack Friday is about a week away and I don’t feel completely prepared. I made my list of who I need to buy gifts and what I am going to get for them but I’m having a hard time going through the ads and comparing to see where to get the best prices. While I was scanning through the ads I realzed how I spent so much last year. I would see things that weren’t on my list and buy it anyhow because I knew how much the recipient would like it. It will be VERY hard sticking to my Christmas budget of $500- last year I spent over $1000. I simply cannot afford spending that much if we want to go on a vacation and get a van. Not to mention we are running out of room for toys- no that’s an understatement. My walls are busting with toys at the seams. I feel so bad about having to get rid off some of their toys but we just don’t have room for the ones we do have and definitely not enough for the ones I want to get for Christmas. I told the kids any money we get from their toys we will put in the Disney World fund. I figure they can have a little spending money while we are there too.

Last but not least! I want to apologize for slacking on the whole purpose I built this blog- crafts, DIY not just the financial part. I haven’t promoted the blog yet because I want to wait until I have a good amount of craft and DIY projects on the site. My goal is to take pictures of the fall flower decoration I’m creating, from items at the dollar store and my yard! I also will be working on making play food with the play dough made with koolaid! That will be a fun project I think we will work on this weekend since we don’t have any plans and the kids can help.

Monthly Total:



$14.95    Photo Canvas (11/1)

$1.04      Greeting Cards (11/1)

$0.00     (40) Free pictures from Walgreens (11/1)

$35.02   Gas (11/3)

$13.42   Copps Food (11/5)

$11.77   Copps Food (11/5)

$10.47   Halloween Costumes @ Walmart (11/5)

$28.00   Health Insurance (11/5)

$0.00     College basketball tickets and parking pass (11/5)

$26.24   Wings and Drinks @ Buffalo Wild Wings (11/5)

$2.00     Newspaper (11/6)

$13.45   Baby Wipes & Costume Acc. @ Walmart (11/7)

$37.00   Electric Bill (11/7)

$19.35     Drinks at Buffalo Wild Wings (11/8)

$39.69    16X12 Canvas, (3) 8×10 collage, (1) 11×14, (8) 4×6, (8)  5×7, (7) 8×10, (5) 4ct wallets @ (11/9)

$50.00     Gas (11/9)

$32.04     Water bill (11/10)

$9.96       Shredded cheese @ Copps (6 @ $1.66ea) (11/11)




$100.00   Dean Care/Medical Expenses (11/12)

$13.14     Grocery shopping @ Copps (11/12)

$15.96     Grocery shopping @ Copps (11/12)

$11.50     Drinks @ Legends (11/12)

$37.31     Cell phone w/ Virgin Mobile (11/13)

$1.93       Apples @ Copps (11/14)

$11.66     Yoga pants @ Kohls (11/15)


$1,964.10 left

Still have car insurance, daycare, rent, and the weekly gas and grocery expenses.


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