November: Post 4

Call me a newbie at going out for drinks but my sister and I decided to go after she was done with work, which was 11 pm. I thought well bar time is 2 so all bars must be open until 2… not the case with B3W, especially during the week. So we had 2 drinks and then time to go home. That ended up being a positive since I didn’t spend too much money but I’m starting to notice a trend here. I’m still going out! It’s hard to kick that habit to the curb.

I finished up the orders for our photo shoot last month and don’t expect to spend anymore on pictures for at least another year. I think I did a pretty good job with the amount I spent on pictures. Considering I got a huge canvas, 8x10s, 5x7s, 4x6s, and wallets and I could  pick any shot I wanted. I bought the pictures from which has incredibly cheap photo stuff but it’s across the country so the shipping can end up costing more than what you are buying. Look for free shippng codes. They also offer new customers free items such as prints, collages, etc. but you cannot get free shipping on those items and will have to do a seperate order.

Copps right now has a great sale on $1.66 (or at least I think it’s great). Anytime cheese is under $2 I grab a bunch. Cheese can freeze well, especially any cheeses you use just for melting. I’m thinking about buying some ground beef tomorrow on my weekly grocery trip and we will have some tasty meatball subs with the old frost burned hoagies in the freezer 🙂

I have also started my christmas shopping list. I know it sounds early but grabbing those black friday deals only work when you have a game plan. I made a list of everyone I need to get gifts for and what I want to get each person. There are a ton of websites that will tell you all the black friday deals so I do a search to find what store is selling these items for the cheapest. So far it looks like Walmart is in the lead for the majority of the items. The great thing about Walmart is they will match prices for black friday door busters. So I can get the price I want for every item on my list at one store. I’m so excited to see that I’m below what I expected to pay. Hopefully it will stay like that 🙂 I receive a $500 bonus at the end of the year and consider that my Christmas shopping money. So even though I get it later I borrow it from savings. You will see when I go Christmas shopping I will deduct that from a different area other than the normal expenses.

Are you planning your christmas shopping? Where do you see the best deals?

Monthly Total:



$14.95    Photo Canvas (11/1)

$1.04      Greeting Cards (11/1)

$0.00     (40) Free pictures from Walgreens (11/1)

$35.02   Gas (11/3)

$13.42   Copps Food (11/5)

$11.77   Copps Food (11/5)

$10.47   Halloween Costumes @ Walmart (11/5)

$28.00   Health Insurance (11/5)

$0.00     College basketball tickets and parking pass (11/5)

$26.24   Wings and Drinks @ Buffalo Wild Wings (11/5)

$2.00     Newspaper (11/6)

$13.45   Baby Wipes & Costume Acc. @ Walmart (11/7)

$37.00   Electric Bill (11/7)




$19.35     Drinks at Buffalo Wild Wings (11/8)

$39.69    16X12 Canvas, (3) 8×10 collage, (1) 11×14, (8) 4×6, (8)  5×7, (7) 8×10, (5) 4ct wallets @ (11/9)

$50.00     Gas (11/9)

$32.04     Water bill (11/10)

$9.96       Shredded cheese @ Copps (6 @ $1.66ea) (11/11)


$2,155.60 left, Still have medical expenses bill, car insurance, daycare, rent, and the weekly gas and grocery expenses. So I tried to look ahead with paying all the bills that leaves $235 to spend on gas, and food for the rest of the month if I want to save $1000 and considering it’s a month where there is a “bonus” check. This will be tough.


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