November: Post 3

I’m less than pleased with myself and we are only a week into this year long savings plan. I just hope I will be able to keep my head above water.

Somehow our electric bill went down and I feel I did great grocery shopping. I found some great steals for my lunches and since I started a list with all food posted on the front of the fridge, it has been easy for me to figure out how to reuse leftovers creatively.

Last night we had the leftover marinara sauce from the Halloween party mixed with the pierogies that we had left and some plain leftover penne noodles (mix with olive oil in a ziplock bag so easy to reheat). Voila! Cheesy saucy noodles. I love pierogies but the kids do not for some reason, so they loved the leftover penne noodles. I’ve been finding great deals on the frozen steamable vegatables (@ .66 ea) so we have a good stock in the freezer. Dinner was done in 20 mins (prob one of the quickest dinners I’ve ever made!)

I scored some free tickets to the local college basketball game and I don’t go out often so I was quite excited. Unfortunately it was downtown so we had to go out afterwards. And there goes $26.24 that I know I should not be spending.

I didn’t feel as guilty when buying costumes and accessoies at Walmart at 75% off. I probably spent about $13 total but I think that is an awesome savings when you consider that is my total Halloween expense. I didn’t have to buy costumes this year because I did the same thing last year. With 3 boys, everything adds up very quickly.

My sister has been a little down lately and wants to go out. I know I shouldn’t but we have plans to go out tonight to B3W with their $0.45 wings. I think I will try to be more gas efficient to make up for the difference.

Normally I drive to see my youngest (16 mos) at my lunch break. I will nurse or just rock him. He is getting to the age where nursing is becoming more difficult so I think I will be weaning him to just the evenings before bed. Not driving out every lunch break should save me quite a bit on gas.

What have you been doing to save money in your household?

Monthly Total:



$14.95    Photo Canvas (11/1)

$1.04      Greeting Cards (11/1)

$0.00     (40) Free pictures from Walgreens (11/1)

$35.02   Gas (11/3)


$13.42   Copps Food (11/5)

$11.77   Copps Food (11/5)

$10.47   Halloween Costumes @ Walmart (11/5)

$28.00   Health Insurance (11/5)

$0.00     College basketball tickets and parking pass (11/5)

$26.24   Wings and Drinks @ Buffalo Wild Wings (11/5)

$2.00     Newspaper (11/6)

$13.45   Baby Wipes & Costume Acc. @ Walmart (11/7)

$37.00   Electric Bill (11/7)


$2,306.64 remaining, still have medical bill, water bill, child care, car insurance, rent, and gas & food each week


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