November: Post 2

Okay so I know it’s only the third day of the month but I’ve been tempted to go out to eat twice and I’m really trying hard to fight the urge. Today is “Sandwich day” and at Milios (sandwich/sub) they are offering B1G1 free. Oh boy does that make me want to run out and get one because I love their subs…. I’m drooling right now seriously. Today I brought to work broccoli, cherry tomatoes (both leftover from the party), yogurt, and a granola bar. I also have some cans of soup in case I ever forget to bring a lunch. My wants are trying to push my needs to the side. No one ever said this was going to be easy…

After my coupon class last night I felt a little overwhelmed and kind of nervous, since now i will be fighting even more people for the sales at Copps than before. The first piece of advice was to track all your costs (not your budget). See what you actually spend your money on. I think I’m headed in the right direction- I know the first couple of months are probably going to have a lot of trial and error but that’s part of learning.

My goal tonight is to write down a list of the food/groceries I have and tape them to the Frig, Freezer, and cupboard (you then cross off items you use and write in items you added and update the sheet once a week). I will then make a meal plan for the next week or so using what I have. Afterwards I can write a list of the few items I need to complete the meals and buy a few things to add to my stockpile. We were told to slowly build the stockpile- since different items have different seasons it will take a while to get enough of a variety to eat just from that. I’m hoping to spend $30 every week on groceries- I do have a budget of $50 so it will be fine if it takes a few practice weeks to get down to $30.

I’m excited to share with you all that I’m finishing up my Vehicle Comparison excel sheet. I didn’t want to make another impulsive buy when purchasing the van/crossover we need so what I’m doing is researching all vehicles that would fit my needs. I need a minimum 6 passenger vehicle so that was the only criteria for the vehicle to make it on the excel sheet. I have categories for seating capacity, mpg, real world mpg, consumer rating, and my personal rating on the interior and exterior. Each category will be weighted to what I find is more important (obviously mpg is more important that how I feel the vehicle looks). After all is finished Excel will tell me what is the best suited vehicle for my needs and wants. I will pick the top 3 and test them out and pick my preference from there since a computer cannot tell you if you like how it drives or how it actually feels being in it. Once I feel that I got most of the kinks out I will post up the sheet so you can update it with your own preferences and find a vehicle that works for you!

Monthly Total:



$14.95    Photo Canvas

$1.04      Greeting Cards

$0.00     (40) Free pictures from Walgreens

11/1 Total Expenses $15.99


$35.02   Gas

11/3 Total Expenses $35.02




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