Family Photo Shoot & Greeting Cards

This year for photos we unfortunately could not use our favorite photo place The Picture People. I loved the coupons, the photos, and the convenience. I did however know an old highschool friend who had previously worked at The Picture People and now was working as a part time freelance photographer. I have never used a freelance photographer before but I told her exactly what I wanted and boy did she deliver! I needed a headshot of each child, maybe a picture of them together. and definitely a photo of all of us together. She traveled to us and took the photos inside our home and outside. The kids warmed up to her so quickly and since it was in our home there wasn’t any pressure to get things moving at a pace the kids did not want to go. She patiently waited for each child to gain interest and come up to the photo area. It worked out so awesome! I cannot describe how nice it is when you do not have to stress out during a photo shoot. If you are in southern wisconsin please feel free to look her up at Rose Photography on facebook!/pages/Rose-Photography/257196617629499

We got an amazing family photo and I cannot wait to print out some Christmas cards to send out to our family. Amber gave us full rights to print her photos so I was able to print anywhere! Shutterfly gave me an awesome deal the last time I had to print out over 250 pictures so I figured I would check them out to see what kind of deal they have for holidays cards.

At I was able to look at hundreds of different options for greeting cards. At first it was over whelming because I didn’t quite expect so many options but then I noticed a filter option on the left side. You are able to filter a style, theme, # of photos, format, size, color, and price. The only specifics I knew I wanted was 5×7 flat card that would allow 4 photos (one family and each child individually). It was so nice to be able to only look at the ones I could actually use according to my needs.

I loved a lot of different choices so what I did was went through the design process and saved them as projects. You can go back and look at your projects and I decided from a far with all of them next to each other which one looked best.

Right now shutterfly has a promotion for free shipping with any purchase of $30+ and right now all cards are 25% off.

It sort of seems weird jumping into the Christmas season, quite literally a day after Halloween but it’s nice to have one thing checked off the list for this upcoming holiday season. So much to do soo little time!


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