November: Post 1

I almost forgot today was the start of my savings plan. I started to get my son interested and involved, by informing him we are saving to go to Disney World and once the family jar is full of money we can go. The family jar is this huge glass jar in the living room that I  throw my spare change. It honestly looks like something you could never fill but I wanted my son to feel like he is participating in the saving part and understand why we simply cannot be stopping by McDonalds once a week anymore. The kids all received $5 from grandma to get a halloween treat but we decided to put that into the family jar.

I now wish I had paid for gas yesterday… and not spent my grocery money on snacks for the Halloween party because now I will need to make a run to the gas station and the grocery store sooner than later.

November’s Money Saving Focus: Couponing

I’ve dabbed a little into couponing and have saved some money but I really do not feel like I am going about it the right way. I am subscribed to a local mom who is a extreme couponer and blogs about the deals for the local grocery stores and convenience stores. She holds classes all over the state and I just got a spot in her class tomorrow evening! Now I just need to find a babysitter. My recommendation is to look for a local couponer in your area that also blogs about the great deals so you don’t have to spend hours hunting for them!

So far I have spent $15.99 from my monthly budget. We just received a copy of our picture from our family shoot so I’m going to have to figure in some picture costs. I purchased an 8×10 photo canvas, and the greeting cards for Christmas. I just need to get (3) 8×10, collage photo, and a large 16×20 family canvas photo. I know it will steeply hurt my budget but I’m going to try my best to get some good photo deals.

If you want to scoop up the deals:

I got on the 8×10 canvas for free just pay for shipping

I got the greeting cards from shutterfly, 25 cards for the cost of processing $1.04. All I had to do was blog about it.

Monthly Total:



$14.95    Photo Canvas

$1.04      Greeting Cards

11/1 Total Expenses $15.99




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